Born in Monza in 1977, but resident in Biassono - cradle of the Lombard Enlightment and the intrepid explorer Gaetano Osculati - Alberto Caspani is a Theoretical philosophy graduate with a thesis on the subject "Control and Transgression in Michel Foucault", at the University of Milan (supervisor, prof. Carlo Sini). Since 1996, he has been working as a freelance journalist, educator and advisor, periodically carrying out geographical expeditions to weave new bridges of knowledge. 

After the first experiences in the news field, on behalf of Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza and Il Giorno, he began writing reportages for various national and international newspapers, including Altreconomia, Travel Quotidiano, Viaggiando, Bell'Europa, D La Repubblica delle Donne, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Panorama Travel, Kodin Kuvalethi and Russia Beyond The Headlines. 

He has developed researches on the main spiritual and philosophical traditions in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania, collaborating among others with The Asia Institute of Seoul, thanks to the shaman Eun Mi Pang, the Teosophical Society of Chennai (India), the Kaurna Cultural Centre of Warrapinga (Australia), as well as with the Dungur Shamans Centre in Kyzyl (Russia) and the Tibetisches Buddistisches Zentrum in Huettenberg (Austria), more over with the Imaginal Atelier run by Iris Association, at the Bicocca State University in Milan.

In 2012 he founded the Cultural Association Gaetano Osculati, devoted to the rediscovery of the Italian exploration history and promoter of national and international partnerships. Under the patronage of the Italian Geographical Society, in 2016, an "Odoardo Beccari Mission" has been organized in Borneo, while a new "Gaetano Osculati Mission" has taken place in Ecuador, in 2018, under the patronage of the Lombardy Region. In 2019, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Suez Canal opening, a "Manfredo Camperio Mission" has been launched in Egypt, concurrently with the start of the project "House of Explorers" in Arcore, whose he's creator. He is in charge of the section "Travel & Explorations" of ICOO ITALIA, the Italian Institute of Culture for the Orient and Western. 

When he lives in Biassono, he collaborates with the civic museum "Carlo Verri" and the archaeo-historical research group of Lambro river (GRAL), holds philosophy classes at the University of Free Time (UTL) or by the Institute of Group Researches (IRG) in Lugano, Switzerland, he delights in literature publishing books or short stories and serving Lista per Biassono, a civic list represented in the municipal council as group leader.      



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